Introduction of Power Bank Part 2

Basic knowledge of power bank

What is Power Bank?
Power bank serve as an extra battery' or external charger for your phone or other electronic devices. It is a portable power source built of rechargeable battery, packed in a small case that can be carried in a handbag or purse. It has at least one input for charging and another recharging port that can be connected to a standard USB cable that can recharge portable electronic devices like smartphones, media players and tablet PCs.
Most of the newest power-bank models, arrive with built-in Lithium polymer battery, which known by high efficiency and long lifetime. The capacity of power packs is measured by mAh and can reach 20,000 to 30,000mAh.
 Why do we need portable power source?
Well... the answer is that, the need of an accessible power source is vital for our daily survival. The average adult carries with him at least two electronic devices like smartphone, digital camera, MP3, laptop and tablet PC. And the truth is that we now depend on these devices to stay connected to the web, family and work. So what happens when your smartphone battery is dead? You will probably start to feel uncomfortable and pressure and if you didn't take your charger with you or in worst case you are staying outdoor with no accessible power port, you won't be able to use your smartphone.
The solution for this situation is to carry a power bank with you, it can recharge your electronic devices everywhere you go without the fear of going offline in the middle of a working day or even when you travel.
What’s the common REAL CAPACITY in 18650 power bank in the market?
- Power bank using 1pcs 18650 is 1200mAh – 2600mAh
- Power bank using 2pcs 18650 is 2500mAh – 4400mAh
- Power bank using 3pcs 18650 is 3750mAh – 6600mAh
- Power bank using 4pcs 18650 is 5200mAh – 8800mAh
- Power bank using 5pcs 18650 is 6500mAh –11000mAh
- Power bank using 6pcs 18650 is 7800mAh –13200mAh
- Power bank using 7pcs 18650 (no info)
- Power bank using 8pcs 18650 is 10400mAh –14400mAh
What’s the different between branded power bank and generic power bank?
Branded power bank mostly sell in REAL CAPACITY. Generic power bank mostly sell in MARKING CAPACITY. That’s the reason why you will never see any branded power bank (standard size) have anything as high as 30000mAh – 50000mAh. That’s also the reason why a good 12000-13000mAh power bank are able to charge more or about the same like the market 30000-50000mAh power bank
Is it true branded power bank won’t explode and generic power bank will explode?
Anything to do with battery, will have chance to explode. No matter it’s branded power bank or generic power bank.But chances for both branded and generic power bank to explode are near to 0%.If power bank is easy to explode, everyone will use power bank in war instead of bomb.
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