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Best app to take your selfie pictures?

Hi, I am Allen. I do not like take selfie pictures buti think i can give some suggestion for cool photo editing apps that suitable for iPhone photographers. Snapseed Sometimes there is a problem with the composition, but the picture is smaller and you are forced to erase the scene that you might like by cropping and rotating the photo. Then you should try the deformation tool of Snapseed, we can use vertical mode, horizontal mode or rotation mode after into the deformation process to adjust the 3D stereo perspective of the photo, such as change the original look directly of photography to the angle from the top-down shooting. We can set the brightness, exposure, color temperature, saturation and other different brush in the brush tool, and then brush the photo by your finger to smear any small place on the photo, you can change the effect of the place alone as if you were painting in every detail on the picture. You do not need brighten or color a whole photo by using brush , but as …

Difference Between Water-proof And Water-resistant ?

This is Allen He. I have written : Difference Between Water-proof And Water-resistant by Allen He on Travel

More and more devices become water-resistant or water-proof, users have an important question: What is the difference between water-resistance and waterproof? Users just want to figure out how their devices can stand with water.
Firstly, here are definitions from Oxford English Dictionary:
Water-proof means impervious to water.
Water-resistant means able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely

Comparing to water-proof, water-resistant is the lower level of water protection. Some water-resistant devices always have some special design to fight with water and make it difficult for water to enter. This is always use in devices like watches to help them survive from hand washing or raining.
The first number after letters “IP” shows it solid protect, which is measured form 0 to 6, while the second number is the degree of protection against the entry of moist…

Best Wireless Charging Devices For Frequent Traveler

I travel a lot, I used to worry about making my phone’s power last the whole day. I’d always bring my charging cable, but most of the time, I’d have trouble finding a power outlet to plug it in. Thankfully, I’ve discovered wireless charging during my stay at the Marriott, so now I have a more convenient option for charging my phone on the go. Since then, I’ve become interested in wireless charging and tested various chargers on my travels to see which one would work best.
Here are my top three picks for the best wireless charging devices for the frequent traveler:
QiStone+ Wireless Portable Charger Photo from Fonesalesman
Lightweight and portable, the QiStone+ earns points for being one of the most stylish wireless chargers I’ve ever seen. It looks like a stone with the grains in all the right places.
Weighing only 4.76 oz, the charger doesn’t feel like its adding much weight to my carry-on bag. Its rounded edges give a good grip, too.
The QiStone+ also comes with a USB port for wired ch…

Best Power Bank for Apple iPhone 7

After months of guesses and rumors, Apple followed a set pattern for the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on 7th September 2016. iPhone 7 adds the function of water and dust resistance (IP68 standard) like several Samsung and Sony phones did, the installation of  64-bit processor A10 ensures the processing speed is 40% faster than iPhone 6S.  
Another controversial rumor had been proven to be true — No headphone jack. Instead, Apple’s new EarPods headphones will connect through the Lightning connector port, a corresponding converter comes along with iPhone 7 in the box.  For jogging enthusiasts and commuters Bluetooth earbuds / headphones are obviously easier to carry and unlimited by the wires. How to find proper Bluetooth headphones might be the first priority, while another problem is coming around the corner — battery life. 
As we all know, keep Bluetooth function open is quite power consuming, not to mention when you are enjoying music or watching video. Apple claimed that i…

3 Best Solar Charger For Your Laptop

Solar power is a clean and renewable energy, which could be transferred by solar charger to enable people use it to power a phone or small device when in an emergency or off the grid. So get more tips on choosing the best solar chargerfor Laptop will be helpful. There are some lists of the best portable solar laptop chargers but since I writing I find more solar kits have come to the market. Here are some solar chargers for laptop hope you will find the one you like. 1.RAVPower Solar Charger With Triple Ports High Efficiency up to 21.5%-23.5% is highlighted in the description, but what’s more attractive, the solar charger is designed with triple USB ports to afford power to more devices at the same time. Sometimes, more is better, right? I recommend the RAVPower solar charger with triple USB ports as the most delicate solar charger for laptop in UK. Price: £52.99 Watts: 24W 2. Anker PowerPort Solar Lite As the best seller of power bank in Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel,…

Why Your Power Banks Explode?

You may fell shocked about the sudden explode brought by power banks, so why power banks explode?Generally speaking, power bank would not explode in normal. But when it is exposure to the high temperature or wrong circuit, it may cause an explosion. Today, I hereby present the reasons of why power banks explode. 1: Low Battery Quality Power bank’s batteries are not only the most expensive part but also the major component. Most of the Power banks you see on the market are made from Lithium-ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries. However, many small brands use counterfeit/recycled batteries in their power banks or use the Lithium- ion batteries. While this enables them to supply power banks at a very low price, which carry severe safety risk. 2: Wrong Circuit Also, the internal circuit design of a power bank is another cause of the explosion. So, for a power bank, what circuit design should be contained? Power Protection: Power Protection is necessary for a well-made power bank. It will ensure…

How to make a power bank with used laptop battery?

In this tutorial I will show you, how to harvest the 18650 battery from any of the old laptop battery pack you might have. Most of the time, laptop battery packs go bad when just one or few cells in the pack are dead. The protection circuit in the charging board cuts out the entire pack as a necessary protective measure for the user. There are still a few good cells though.At last I will show you how you can make a power bank by reusing these salvaged batteries.

Disclaimer: Please note that you are taking apart battery packs in this tutorial which is expressly discouraged by the manufacturer as this is potentially a very hazardous process. I cannot be held responsible for any loss of property, damage, or loss of life if it comes to that. This tutorial was written for those who have knowledge on rechargeable lithium ion technology.Please do not attempt this if you are novice. Stay Safe.
Old Laptop Battery: If you do not have,you can ask to your friend or relatives. You can also find it …

How does the Power Bank work?

Power banks are devices that are used to charge mobile phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players and mp4 players anytime and anywhere. With the use we subject are devices to, it is important to have a power bank to be able to keep these devices up and running all the time. Power banks can give you uninterrupted access to play games on your laptops, instant message on the internet, use social networking platforms and book airline, train and bus tickets at the drop of a hat. There are certain specifications that you ought to keep in mind before laying your hands on the ideal power bank for your need. Grab a power bank that is double in battery capacity to be able to charge your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player and mp4 player at least once. Today I will introduce you How Does a Power bank Work? To understand things a bit better, let’s take a look at a block diagram of how these devices work, after that we will see some of the major and minor components of it. Major components: Moving …

How to know Power Bank is Fully Charged or Not?

Power bank is so important to us as we are living in a world of mobile electronics. It allows us to move freely and charge our devices anywhere. There’s no doubt that we need to charge our power bank when energy is running out. However, not only said by the supplier but also declared on the manual brochure clearly — don’t overcharge your power bank. Negative effects of overcharging your power bank: 1.Possibly shorten the lifespan of your power bank. Overcharging will cause overheating, at an average temperature of 32 degrees fahrenheit, for example, a lithium-ion battery will lose six percent of its maximum capacity per year. At 77 degrees, that number jumps to 20 percent, and at 104 degrees it’s a whopping 35. 2.If the power bank is not under power protection which ensures that the battery stops charging once it has reached full capacity, overcharging will be extremely dangerous, it might explode in a very bad way. Most of power bank are designed to entail: power protection, short cir…

Top 5 best waterproof power banks 2016

No matter either water or smartphone, we all can’t live without them. While taking to power up your smartphone till the last drop of water, we have portable power bank; and furthermore, we have portable waterproof power bank with a certified water-resistant rating. These rough but tough power banks are not only built to take a beating, but also packing up additional power to your smartphone or tablet when there’s no outlet nearby. What a joke is that not all people could buy a waterproof Galaxy Edge S7 without hesitation, while any of you could have an affordable waterproof power bank at any moment. Dive in as we’ve rounded up the best waterproof power banks for your summer accessories packing list.