Why Your Power Banks Explode?

You may fell shocked about the sudden explode brought by power banks, so why power banks explode?Generally speaking, power bank would not explode in normal. But when it is exposure to the high temperature or wrong circuit, it may cause an explosion. Today, I hereby present the reasons of why power banks explode.
1: Low Battery Quality
Power bank’s batteries are not only the most expensive part but also the major component. Most of the Power banks you see on the market are made from Lithium-ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries.
However, many small brands use counterfeit/recycled batteries in their power banks or use the Lithium- ion batteries. While this enables them to supply power banks at a very low price, which carry severe safety risk.
2: Wrong Circuit
Also, the internal circuit design of a power bank is another cause of the explosion. So, for a power bank, what circuit design should be contained?
Power Protection: Power Protection is necessary for a well-made power bank. It will ensure your battery stops charging while the power bank reached the full capacity.
Short Circuit Control System: A good power bank should have its circuit fully insulated to prevent short circuit.
Temperature Control System: if a power bank has a kind of control such that once it hits a particular temperature, it shuts down to cool off. That would be a qualified and ideal one.
Several reasons cause the power bank explodes. However the major one which causes a power bank to explode is the users. Think about it, how do you handle your power banks in normal? Exposing it to high temperatures? Overcharging it? Or leaving it near heated area? It will kill the power bank and you.


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