Best Wireless Charging Devices For Frequent Traveler

I travel a lot, I used to worry about making my phone’s power last the whole day. I’d always bring my charging cable, but most of the time, I’d have trouble finding a power outlet to plug it in. Thankfully, I’ve discovered wireless charging during my stay at the Marriott, so now I have a more convenient option for charging my phone on the go. Since then, I’ve become interested in wireless charging and tested various chargers on my travels to see which one would work best.

Here are my top three picks for the best wireless charging devices for the frequent traveler:

QiStone+ Wireless Portable Charger QiStone_beauty_copy_copy.png

Lightweight and portable, the QiStone+ earns points for being one of the most stylish wireless chargers I’ve ever seen. It looks like a stone with the grains in all the right places.

Weighing only 4.76 oz, the charger doesn’t feel like its adding much weight to my carry-on bag. Its rounded edges give a good grip, too.

The QiStone+ also comes with a USB port for wired charging that you can use to charge another device while you wirelessly charge another device on top. So if you have gadgets that aren’t Qi-enabled, you can use QiStone+ with those just as you would with a power bank.

I also like its four indicator lights that let me know how much power is left in my wireless charging pad. This gives me enough time to plan when and where to charge the QiStone+ device, so I’ll always have a charging backup wherever I go.

Prelude Portable Wireless Charger

Truly a versatile device, the Prelude can give three full charges for iPhone 6, 2.5 full charges for Galaxy S6/Edge, and 20 full charges for Moto 360. A friend borrowed mine and found that the wireless charger also worked with his GoPro Hero 3+.

Like the QiStone+, the Prelude has four small light bulbs on the side to indicate how much juice is left in your charger. Its flat surface makes your phone secure on top while it’s charging. This feature also ensures that your gadget maintains direct contact with the Prelude’s surface for continuous charging.

Although the World Health Organization has put to rest some concerns about EMF emissions, it’s also good to know that this charger supposedly emits only ionizing energy, which is safer to one’s health.

3. ChoeTech Stadium Qi Fast Wireless Charger


I bought this charger simply because it’s cheap. However, its great features are definitely worth more than its price. For one, it can easily fit into your jeans’ front pocket or the small pockets of your slingbag.

The ChoeTech Stadium Qi has a flat surface, so your phone will stay in place and charge continuously. The charger itself also won’t move around because of the four plastic feet supporting the pad from the ground. Basically, this no-fuzz, no-nonsense wireless charger can be used anytime, anywhere.

Traveling comes with its own inconveniences, but with innovative products that address our common charging woes, we no longer have to be slaves to these pains anymore.

Tips: This article was written by my friend: Joan Kissler. Thanks for her hard work and support for my blog.


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